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I'm Ellen.  I am a registered nurse and use my experience to make my writing relevant to your specific audience.  I majored in Journalism in college and always intended to combine my love of science and medicine with the creativity of writing.  


I launched Grover Health Communications as a way to combine both skills and produce informed and accessible healthcare content.

My Story

I have been a registered nurse for over ten years.  I started my career on a cardiac step-down unit in a hospital.  After that I worked as a clinical and lab instructor for the university where I obtained my nursing degree.  I absolutely loved teaching these nursing students, so I then pursued a position as a diabetes educator in which I did a lot of education for my patients.  In my current position, I once again work primarily with cardiac patients. 

I have always loved learning and the medical sciences do not disappoint with an unending amount of information that is always growing and continually changing.  I specialize in helping your readers understand this information in language that is easy to understand, yet also accurate.  I am able to tailor my writing for your audience, whether it is other healthcare professionals or a lay audience.

I look forward to discussing how I can use my skills as a nurse writer to help you meet your goals for your written content.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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